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About Us

Space Mates Ltd is a not for profit organisation that aims to help advocate, house and support people from all walks of life. The aim is to act as a second safety-net for the marginalised that have slipped through the primary net.


    The support will be given through the provision advocacy, sign-posting or our guardianship project. Providing advocacy on both a large and individual scale. We will signpost, attend appointments and offer emotional support whilst resolving the troublesome time. On the macro scale, we aim to advocate for the marginalised through education, opening up debates, writing articles etc.


    We have also been running a guardianship project for homeless men and women. We offered short term accommodation to people with low or no support needs whilst they resolve their housing issues. The project aims to utilise empty commercial or council owned properties to use them as temporary shelter for as long as the building remains unused. Currently we have one such property, a nightclub in the city centre. This comes to an end and we are always on the lookout for disused buildings.