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Our Vision:
To be open, inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive to all of those that have slipped through the safety net. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and we want to help give that chance. By advocating for people experiencing difficulties in the following areas, rough sleeping, homelessness, housing, mental health, criminality and more…

Our aim:
• To facilitate the progress towards equality and non-judgementalism
• To support individuals by the means of sign-posting and advocacy
• To create a better place of living
• To use innovative methods to approach social issues with a particular interest in homelessness and mental health.
• To continue to find buildings for pop-up guardians providing accommodation to those going through the process of being homeless.
• Hand-up not hand-out

We work at looking for new ways of dealing with social problems through research and community development. And on the individual scale we are very person-centric by adopting different support packages for different people. We also work with low numbers to ensure they get the maximum amount of support ensuring better results.
Housing people through our tested guardianship project, taking unused commercial and private buildings and occupying them with guardians who will as part of the residency look after the building, doing maintenance and keeping the property in a marketable state.